A Yorkshire garden

This garden with a rectangular shape has been completely revisited. At first the garden looked like a large lawn with a small wooden hill at the bottom that shaded the whole property. The design idea consisted in subdividing the entire green area that had no style in different environments. This was done to achieve different types of garden in one place, as requested by the customer. In more details, the project included a patio area close to the house, which was a true spacious outdoor living room decorated with large vases, table and seats. All followed by the Formal Garden, a work of green sculpture, an Italian garden with a strong local British Style, a combination of topiary and seasonal blooms. From here you can walk through the Garden Game, an area dedicated to children games, with a tree house and lost steps. Then through a staircase made of dark bricks and wood you can reach the terrace which has a wooden pergola, from where you can enjoy the view of the English countryside. The construction site and the planting operations were carried out by the nursery Beeches Transform.